Adamant is
  • Innovative
  • Purely digital
  • Positive and optimistic
  • Rewarding
  • Free
  • Entertaining
  • Everyday
  • Africa and diaspora
  • Smiling
  • Innovative

Adamant is the media of continental entertainment, with a dazzling success gathering 150 millions of spectators every day spread over 36 countries in Africa and the Diaspora in Europe and Northern America.
Adamant is the team of the best African talents, in both French and English languages, who benefit within adamant studios from the high-level audiovisual expertise, editing, financing, and overall privileged relationships with the largest International advertisers.
Adamant is a unique digital marketing expertise offering to the brands a precise access to their core targets, management of their digital accounts, production of brand content, sponsorship of successful series, and product placement in exclusive content, and overall conversion into proper sales online or in store.

Content types

Comedy series
Hidden camera
Talk shows
Games shows
Beauty tutorial

And always... Pure Digital Entertainment


Adults audience of
18-34 / 18-44


150 million
of connected consumers

French and English speaking

Our commercial offer:


Accompaniment of the Media's flagship programs with partnership.

  • 1 to 5 million views
  • Guaranteed on-target

Product placement

Presence of the product or service within the videos.

  • 1 to 10 million on flagship series
  • Stars become brand ambassadors

Sponsored content

A to Z digital brand strategy. Defining the digital target, identifying the challenges, setting up the digital strategy, implement the tactics, producing content or product activation among targeted consumers, complete integration of the strategy with the adamant Media offer, proposal of adapted programs or Format creation ad hoc.

  • Objectives on target guaranteed.
  • KPI tracking and detailed reports.
  • Push media included.
  • Management of digital strategy and corporate accounts, content production and publication, media push.
  • Management and creation of corporate accounts.
  • Editorialization, creation and daily publication.
  • In French, English, covering the area of West and Central Africa.
  • Push media and interaction with adamant and influencer accounts.
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